Blues In the Schools 

In collaboration with Lady A Productions and support from the Washington Blues Society, we are working to deepen the awareness and understanding of blues music and culture as it exists today in the Pacific Northwest. 

This program provides schools with three options:

1. Written blues music curriculum that teachers can deliver in classrooms with input and guidance from living masters of this essential, American tradition. 

2. Concert programs geared towards students ages 5 and older. These programs will serve to both supplement and reinforce the curriculum described above. 


3. Residency programs composed of multiple classroom workshops followed by a culminating performance.


The Rhapsody Project works to serve and center youth from historically marginalized, frontline communities. We strongly believe that Americans of all cultural backgrounds benefit from increased understanding of the nature and tradition of blues music and culture. Donations to this program will allow us to serve public schools with limited arts funding. 

Lastly, we will supplement the in-school programming above with a public, regionally touring, multi-generational, diverse traveling revue featuring The Rhapsody Project Songsters playing many styles of blues alongside nationally touring, award-winning professional artists such as Lady A, BriarJohn Oliver III, Ben Hunter, Joe Seamons, and more.


The programs above were designed collaboratively with Lady A Productions and tRp Curriculum Development Lead Liana Green

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