Face the Music [Consulting]

helping your org use roots music to confront racism

Americans are often maddened or bewildered by collective attempts to address racism and equity, because ethnicity is used as a jumping off point for the conversation, while the many layers that compose each person are conflated or even erased. Most discussions about racism and culture leave participants tokenized, marginalized, confined—our identities have been drastically oversimplified.

When we take the time to acknowledge that each person in a given space is composed of many layers (only some of which can be witnessed at any given time) and then make an effort to map those layers, we help form the groundwork for sustained progress towards justice. If we do this in tandem with exploring the lineage and lessons of American Roots music and musicians—as well as the history of supremacy and power in the industry—we also discover another vital layer: our shared heritage. This layered approach helps us (re)gain the power to more consciously define ourselves, while making space for others to do the same.


In offering people the tools, exercises, and resources to take part in this work, The Rhapsody Project helps participants lay the groundwork for a more deeply informed discussion about class, race, and colonization.

According to the over 200+ folks we’ve served already, our Face the Music programs are challenging, emotional, and deeply transformative for many. We recognize that, should you engage with us, this is likely to be classified within your organization’s efforts labeled some variety of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. There are a whole lot of different development programs out there labeled DEI Work. Here at tRp, we prefer to think of our offerings as Heritage Work, or simply, The Work.


We provide this service, not so an organization can point to it and say, “here is proof we care,”  but because you have demonstrated your commitment to anti-racism and an honest desire to contribute to the movement for an equitable world. When you commit to The Work, you will be able to point to a process we have ultimately designed together.


That process will be ongoing, and will become more embedded in your organizational culture; it will enrich all of your other programs. The Rhapsody Project’s consulting services enable you to establish that process by becoming your partners in this essential step toward justice. 



The three options below offer a sense of the nature of tRp's services. We can provide your org a larger menu and rate sheet after an initial interview.


Facilitated conversations: These discussions take place with the team members or stakeholders that your organization would like to include, and are preceded by an interview with the relevant members of your leadership team. 


Cultural Equity Assessment: A survey and interview process allow our team to learn about the strengths and challenges your organizational culture contains, and then provide recommendations to leverage your strengths and address your challenges. 


Face the Music Intensive Workshop Sessions: This weekly series of sessions allows the members of your organization to bond more deeply as groups of 7 - 10 people convene for 90-minutes each week and learn more about one another while also exploring the stories and songs of American music through an anti-racist lens. 


If you are interested in scheduling a free 30-minute conversation with tRp, regarding out services, please email us at info@therhapsofyproject.org.

Here at tRp, we prefer to think  of our work with you as
Heritage Work, or simply, The Work.
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building community through our roots.

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