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professional development offerings
The Rhapsody Project is a community that explores and celebrates music and heritage through an anti-racist lens.

Our programs teach people to root themselves in their layers of heritage and tap the power of music and culture to confront injustice and enrich their communities. At the Rhapsody Project, we encourage everyone to see themselves as bearers of culture, and we believe that history, cultural context, dancing, and social movements are inseparable from music.


Teachers and facilitators can use our programs to elevate their work by—at a minimum—simply raising their own awareness. This self-awareness can make classrooms safer and braver spaces for students, which can raise the potential for connection and result in higher levels of engagement.


While our community focus is on music, our PD offerings can be beneficial to teachers and facilitators of all subjects. Doing your own work is foundational to an anti-racist lifestyle, no matter what your areas of expertise are.


Current offerings for professional development include joining one of our existing programs, or hiring tRp facilitators for workshops with your school/organization/group. We offer Continuing Education hours for certified educators in Washington State.

Layers of Heritage

This is a guided exploration of various layers of your own heritage. Working in a cohort, you will explore your own heritage while being in discussion with others — which will enable you to learn about other people’s stories and experiences as well.



  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own heritage and how personal histories and experiences impact how we move through the world. 

  • Participants will gain new methods and strategies for connecting with vital elements of their identities. 

  • Participants will broaden and deepen the ways in which they understand themselves, thereby strengthening their commitment and abilities to combat systemic oppression.



  • Cohorts of 6-10 people, 1 hour Zoom meeting/week, 6-8 weeks.

  • Learn more about this program and sign up here.

Face The Music

This class uses roots music and the stories of marginalized musicians as vehicles for gaining a deeper understanding of systemic racism. Through guided discussions, participants will practice recognizing bias, and will develop their individual set of tools for confronting issues of race and social justice in personal and professional settings.



  • Participants will deepen their knowledge of American musical history.

  • Participants will practice engaging in (sometimes difficult) conversations about race, privilege, positionality, appropriation, etc.

  • Participants will forge lasting connections with others committed to the work of anti-racism.



  • Cohorts of 7-10 people, 1.5 hour Zoom meeting/week, 8 weeks.

  • Learn more about this program and sign up here.

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