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Southern Discomfort: Jewish identity in the American South

How does one live within the duality of an upbring in a traditional Jewish household, smack dab in the buckle of the Bible Belt? What is your identity then, and who gets to define it for you? Are you simply reduced to your "Nurture", or are you relegated to your "Nature?" Can conflicting identities reside within someone in equal measure? Sometimes, it's like juggling on a tightrope.

Participants will learn a Jewish melody together and are encouraged to bring a tune to share with the group (optional). Mark will begin by presenting his own music and story. Then, after Mark teaches a tune from his repertoire, we will examine how this kind of balancing of identity applies to our own music and layers of heritage. Lastly, we’ll examine other songs, including those brought by participants.

for ages 12 & up

date July 26th, 2023

time 6:30-8:00pm

location Puget Sound Community School

fee $9-$36 sliding scale

facilitators Mark Rubin

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