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Layers of Heritage 

learn to see yourself more clearly

Our society does not benefit when the things that make each of us special are hidden away in favor of assimilation. When immigrants arrive here, we do not want them to trade in their culture and identities to become American — this act of trading in is the very thing that created “whiteness.”


An exploration of your various layers of heritage can uncover an appreciation for the unique elements that make up each of us, and this information about yourself (and others) can inform how you interact with and respond to others.

At The Rhapsody Project, we believe that this kind of personal work

can contribute to a kinder, more just society.

To encourage this kind of work, we have developed a DIY workbook that guides you through a series of questions, reflections, and research activities for each of the 8 layers that we've identified. To get started, purchase a workbook below, and/or contact us about bringing this workshop to your organization!

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