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Unbroken Circle: Youth Residency Project


Presented in collaboration with our partners at Northwest Folklife


The Unbroken Circle program empowers youth to transmit their personal, local, and cultural history through the art of roots music. Facilitated by Joe Seamons, students study with a range of musicians, artists, and activists to develop a program of music and art that reflects the diversity and history of Seattle’s Rainier Valley. Students delve into the heritage of their community, culture, and country while utilizing creative expression to explore their own identities. This program is designed for young musicians with basic musical knowledge looking to express themselves as songwriters or performers through singing or acoustic instruments.

Northwest Tap Connection will continue as our host when regular sessions resume with guests in February. These Monday evening music classes will take place at the newly renovated studio located in Seattle at 8732 Rainier Avenue South.

Unbroken Circle will culminate with presentations at multiple events, including the annual Northwest Folklife Festival.

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