Vocal Rhapsody

We sing for fun, to harmonize with our kin, and to express ourselves. While clapping, stomping, feeling rhythm in the body, and singing, students join in an exploration of American songs.  Through these songs, students learn stories passed down from ancestors who used them to give voice to every feeling in life, and survive unimaginable trials. By listening to and discussing recordings of the songs below, students deepen their knowledge of the culture through critical listening. Students are introduced to American history through an energetic, physically active class. Throughout the class, students are encouraged embrace and adapt to mistakes, and let their bodies move to the music

Outcomes: Students leave this workshop able to sing with greater conviction and freedom, as well as improved technique. Students also learn the expressive power of the voice, and understand its potential for healthy emotional release. 

Age Range: 4 years and older.

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Instructor: Tina Dietz

Attn: Rhapsody Project

Hillman City Collaboratory

5623 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 98118


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