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Vocal Rhapsody

for the curious and the brave


In this class, students work with their voices to develop a more confident sound. In order to gain confidence one must identify the emotion; the reason for singing. In so doing, singers express themselves, while also tapping into what is greater than themselves.


Through song, people learn stories passed down from ancestors, elders, and our communities. By listening to and discussing recordings of historic songs, Vocal Rhapsody participants deepen their knowledge of the American vocal heritage. This is an energetic, physically active class. Here, students are encouraged to embrace mistakes by adapting to them, in order to express themselves. 

Students leave this workshop able to sing with greater conviction, freedom, and improved technique. Students also learn the expressive power of the voice, and understand its potential for healthy emotional release. 


for all ages

 virtual or in person

weekly sessions 60-minutes

Sliding Scale $0-$180

facilitated by Briar

registration opens September of 2021


To register, please fill out the information below.

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building community through our roots.

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