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Decolonizing the Music Room

This excellent resource for music educators was founded in 2019, and is coupled with a growing discussion forum on Facebook where teachers from around the country explore best practices for presenting music and its history.

Music Giants You Should Know

We have curated this playlist of all-too-obscure musical giants who deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as icons such as Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald. Learn about singers, guitarists, string bands, and more as you listen to the music!

 The Library of Congress’ Archive

If you are interested in early sheet music, cylinder recordings, photographs commissioned by the U.S. government, or a host of other ephemera, this is a deep and wide resource to explore. 

Racial Equity Tools

This website provides hundreds of free resources for people and organizations looking to implement equitable practices in their culture or community.

Dust to Digital

This brilliant record label consistently remasters, repackages, and releases early recordings from all over the world. They have created numerous rabbit holes that are joyous to jump down!

The Association for Cultural Equity

This online archive contains thousands of field recordings made by Alan Lomax throughout the world.


You can you can stream all of this for free.

White Ally Toolkit

Resources for those willing to do the personal work of breaking down white America's culture of avoidance. The White Ally Toolkit project teaches white allies how to more effectively combat the denial of racism as it emerges within their circle of influence.

The Old-Time Tiki Parlour

This website serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested in discovering living tradition bearers. Curated and produced by David Bragger, the site also occasionally releases obscure or unpublished recordings or footage of musical giants. 

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