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our model
We are a multi-generational community that celebrates music and heritage through an anti-racist lens.


Some of the ways we do this include providing music instruction, cultural events, virtual classes, and cultural workforce development to establish racial and cultural equity. Our programs teach people to root themselves in their layers of heritage, and tap the power of music and culture to confront injustice and enrich their communities.


We utilize a fully collaborative leadership structure, including our interns and youth participants, as well as members who are active in other states. Both internally and externally, the goal for The Rhapsody Project is non-hierarchical, equitable, and focused on cultivating youth leadership.

Our Roots in Cultural Equity

At Rhapsody, we believe:

  • Addressing racism is essential to establishing cultural equity.

  • To establish cultural equity, we must not only acknowledge, but address the ongoing effects of historic injustice.

  • By giving people the space to explore their own cultures, and root themselves in the layers of their identity, The Rhapsody Project provides tools for people to explore their heritage.

  • Confronting oppression begins with addressing its effect on our own bodies. Only then, can we begin to cultivate an equitable community that effectively confronts the interlocking systems of oppression.

  • Patriarchy, sexism, deregulated capitalism, consumerism, and persecution of queer people are examples of the systems that help reinforce racism.

  • We interrupt, address, and work to transform these systems through our music, gatherings, programs, and frameworks, often starting with our Layers of Heritage.

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