We play music to have fun, explore our heritage, and connect with other people. If you are a person, we want to connect with you. If you are not, we want to understand how you're reading this! Are you a newly evolved earthling, or an amazing space creature? The point is: let's get together! Seriously, below are the ways we would love to collaborate with you, join us!


Our volunteers contribute in a wide variety of ways: staffing events, grant writing, facilitating music experiences for youth as chaperones, promoting our activities, or helping us reach new communities with our programs. There are a wide variety of ways you can get involved, just send us an email and describe the ways you'd like to contribute!


While we are all rich in cultural heritage, our financial resources are not as abundant. And heck, even if you aren't able to donate using the button below, you may have a dusty old guitar in the closet that you'd like to donate! We gladly accept instruments in addition to financial contributions.


If you are a music student or instructor who would like to take part in what we do, we welcome you to send us an email describing:

1. Your musical background

2. Your extra-musical skills as an organizer, grant-writer, promoter, or administrator.

3. The reasons why you'd like to get involved!

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