Song of the Month:
Celebrate the Midnight Special
[Virtual Event]


Tuesday, September 28

@5pm - 6:30pm

Upload your version and join us for a

celebration live on Youtube & Facebook!

The Rhapsody Project team is thrilled to introduce our newest program, Song of the Month! Created in collaboration with Justin Golden, who heads up our Virginia Project, we'll go in depth with you on a new song every month. First up: "The Midnight Special."

We want to hear your version! Upload your version and tag @therhapsodyproject on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

Check out our TRP Youtube page for an instructional video and Justin Golden and Joe Seamons' version (you can also subscribe to get regular TRP content), read about the history of The Midnight Special on our blog, and join us in celebration of it connects and reflects all of our heritage (Tuesday, September 28, live on YouTube and Facebook).

Face the Music: Confronting Racism with American Music
[Virtual Event]

Saturday, October 30 @2pm

Featuring TRP panelists Joe Seamons, Liana Green, and special guests.

Moderated by Valerie Diaz-Leroy.

American music contains powerful lessons for understanding systemic oppression in our country. With more people waking up to the difficult realities of American culture, understanding and healing are some of the main ingredients for creating a more just and compassionate society. The stories of early jazz masters provide a valuable jumping off point to discuss how American music can provide new awareness, which can help us do better moving forward. Our panelists will engage the audience in a discussion of how systemic racism crosses paths with music and tools for musicians and enthusiasts to create change.


Join us for an in-depth discussion on these topics—and so much more (Saturday, October 30, @2pm live on facebook and youtube).

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