Layers of Heritage 

learn to see your self more clearly

The colonization of America has left many people unaware of our culture, history, and selves. Our Layers of Heritage programs give people the tools and resources to delve into the layers that our society or schools have made invisible. For some, this may involve reaching out to local tradition bearers to learn about the art forms and traditions that reflect our local culture. For others, it may include traveling to the land where one or more ancestors lived, and informing ourselves about our origins. In every case, we find that our lives and art grow richer when we root ourselves--steadily and respectfully--in the layers of our heritage that lay dormant in our lives (read more on our blog).


for those ages 12 and up

virtual or in person

5 Sessions 90-minutes apiece

sliding scale $0 - $200

multiple instructors

sessions begin in 2022

WMS Jr Fiddler class circa 2017.png

building community through our roots.

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