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Klezmer Jam

Come join us for a monthly Klezmer Jam session every fourth Monday, from 7:00-9:00pm at The Couth Buzzard, (8310 Greenwood Ave N)!

This jam is for all instruments and all levels of experience. We will begin each session with beginner-friendly activities so people who are unfamiliar with them have a chance to learn. Then we'll learn the song of the month by ear. Throughout the rest of the session, we will play tunes at varying difficulty levels. The idea is for there to be something for everyone, whether you've played this music for five minutes or for five decades.

Sheet music is available, but playing by ear is encouraged. We will prioritize playing tunes from our resources folder (linked below), but if you have a tune you'd like to play please call it at the jam! The resources folder also has books of sheet music and other tools, such as klezmer mode tip-sheets and accompaniment guides.

Jam Tune of the Month

This month we will have a special focus on accompaniment instead of a new ear-tune. We will still reteach an old ear-tune to make sure everyone knows what we are accompanying. Check out this recording of Lebedik un Freylekh (one of the three or more tunes named this). We will be playing it in D.

Accompaniment in klezmer is so much fun, and it's so flexible! It can be done on any instrument and at any level of experience, ranging from the simplest patterns to complex countermelody. You can find some accompaniment patterns and examples here.

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