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from 2022 Participants


"I love the resource packets! Super comprehensive, lots of directions to explore and different ways to engage. Really appreciate the mix of articles, audio & video."

"The gatherings have been incredibly informative and helpful. It's so important to hear from others about how they are navigating the materials. Other points of view can only enhance my own engagement with learning and I appreciate and cherish the supportive nature of this community."

"I'm excited about being together with other people sharing the same interest and am so glad that you had the idea to do this!"

A culture bearer is a person who is deeply rooted in the layers of their heritage, to the degree that they are confident in transmitting the eligible parts of their culture to others. Eventually, this program will include pathways for many dimensions of one's heritage. But, to begin with, all are taught to understand the ways in which contributions of Black Americans - such as spirituals, work songs, string band music - are foundational to the development of America's cultural and economic identity.

Black American Music (1619 - 1940​​)

This is a DIY curriculum, meaning we have gathered a suite of resources for each monthly theme that you can explore at your own pace (articles, podcasts, videos, books and playlists). Our hope is that you'll be inspired to dig deeper into the things that you find compelling thus creating a learning path that really resonates for you. 

Our inaugural cohort ran via Patreon for the entirety of 2022, meeting once or twice a month (virtually) to engage with culture bearers and discuss what they were learning with the group. 

We recorded each of those meetings and in early 2023, we'll package up the monthly resource guides along with the video recordings for each theme, and make them available for folks who want to start the journey on their own. We are pressing pause on facilitating another cohort of Black American Music while we get the next iterations of the CBP program ready.

Yiddish Music & Heritage

Coming in early 2023!

Native Music & Storytelling

The Rhapsody Project was recently awarded a grant to fund the development of a Native Music & Storytelling CBP program! We will be assembling the team in early 2023 — watch this space for updates.

​for ages 16 and up

meets virtually or DIY

sliding scale pricing TBD

rolling basis, starts early 2023

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building community through our roots.

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