TRP at Northwest Folklife

Updated: May 12

As a part of this year's NW Folklife Festival (online) celebration, The Rhapsody Project has been invited to host a pair of panel discussions entitled, "Face the Music: Confronting Racism With Living Legacies."

May 12th: 6:30pm - 8:00pm May 31st: 3:30pm - 4:30pm (during the NWFL Festival) The Living Legacies Toolkit that NW Folklife developed, which is in many ways another version of our Family Storytelling Activity (attached), will be offered as one tool for our audience members to use as they work to confront racism in their communities. In addition to the following panelists, you can hear from Coast Salish Storyteller Roger Fernandes, as well as Rhapsody interns and staff. I will facilitate a frank discussion about the ways in which our traditions, heritage, and artistic lineage have lent us strength and insight as we work to confront injustice in the world. Then, to conclude the first panel, we will offer the Living Legacies Toolkit and an updated version of this article about our Layers of Heritage as resources audience members looking to take meaningful steps in their own lives. Then, during the May 31st panel, we will follow up with people (especially our interns, but possibly other students or audience members who conducted interviews) and discuss what they learned, and how that learning might inform a keener approach to confronting racism or injustice in our own spheres of influence.

Join us!