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Rhapsody Resonators
TRP's Monthly Giving Program

Before amplifiers, there were resonators. Resonators take the vibrations of a stringed instrument and make them loud enough to be heard with the rest of the band.  


We can think of no better framework than a “resonator” to describe our donors. You are at the core of Rhapsody—your support turns up the volume of young people’s voices, talents, and experiences, and reinforces the strength of our programs. 

Now you can support the Rhapsody Project by becoming a Resonator through making a monthly donation today. Your recurring gift—of any amount—amplifies the work of the Rhapsody Project with long-lasting impact. 

Please join us as a Resonator today and boost the power of Rhapsody. 

*Several TRP leaders were first introduced to the image of the Sankofa Bird by our community member and friend Dr. Dena Jennings. Like many other people of the African Diaspora, Dena includes the image in her life and work as it celebrates the value and impulse to—as she puts it: "go back and get it."

"The egg in [the Sankofa bird's] mouth represents the "gems" or knowledge of the past upon which wisdom is based; it also signifies the generation to come that would benefit from that wisdom. This symbol often is associated with the proverb, “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi," which translates to, "It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten." (The Spirituals Project at the University of Denver)

While not all members of The Rhapsody Project are Black Americans, our whole community values both the symbolism and meanings of the Sankofa bird, which align closely with the work each of us does to explore the layers of our heritage.

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