The Rhapsody Songsters


Youth who demonstrate at least six months of engagement in The Rhapsody Project’s programs are invited to become Rhapsody Songsters. We work to cultivate musicians who are:


  • Steadily exploring their personal or cultural heritage.

  • Dedicated to becoming well-rounded musicians. 

  • Committed to enrichment and community building rather than ego. 

  • Willing to challenge and elevate themselves and their peers.


Historically, “songsters” were musicians whose diverse repertoire allowed them to play whichever styles of music fit a given gig. Students learn songs in styles ranging from blues to minouche jazz, spirituals to waltzes. There will be multiple formats available for this class, including jam sessions, independent study, and virtual consultations with tRp staff.


for ages 12 and up

ongoing through the year

registration opens in Fall of 2021

fee is sliding scale

multiple facilitators