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Unbroken Circle

Students in this program will have the opportunity to explore heritage through the personal, local, and cultural history of the people in the group. They will work with tradition bearers from various disciplines to engage in activities that will tap into the breadth of the folk idiom: music, dance, craft, storytelling, and cuisine.

In addition to weekly meetings, students are invited to attend drop-in hours at King Street Station; these sessions will supplement the lessons learned in the regular meetings. 

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to interview each of the tradition bearers at NW Folklife Production Studios. Those sessions will be edited and cataloged on the NWFL website archive.  


In the Spring, students will showcase what they’ve learned in the Rhapsody Showcase at the NW Folklife Festival. 

for ages 11 and up

next session October 4-December 6, 2023

day & time Wednesdays, 4pm

location King Street Station

sliding scale $0-$300

facilitators Jed Crisologo & Youth Leaders

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